Quality Assured Tissue Culture Plants
Modern agricultural techniques combined with Tissue culture to produce Fresh, and Healthy plants.
Our Products

Banana cultivation is considered very beneficial in India. Fruits high in tissue culture are produced. HUG Agro has imported Grand Nan (G-9) bananas developed from tissue culture from Israel. G-9 bananas are extremely high in quality, disease-free, consistently providing the same quality and superior yield.
The international pomegranate market is growing. The National Research Center at H. U. GUGLE AGRO BIOTECH and POMEGRANATE has a technical tie-up to use biotechnology in primary plants. Pomegranate varieties such as Bhagawa, Super Saffron, and Solapur Lal are produced.
Bamboo is very important in nature for the conservation of biodiversity, soil, and water. The demand for bamboo from all over the world is showing enthusiasm in the farmers of India to cultivate bamboo. HUG Biotech produces bamboo of Bambusa balcoa, Dendrocalamus asper, Dendrocalamus hamilton cultivars.
There is a high demand for teak. This wood is considered the best in the world. Teak of HUG Agro is in high demand worldwide. Teak of export quality is manufactured in HUG Agro.
HUG Agro is the potato seed production center. Potato, developed from tissue culture, is available in mini tube form and is grown classically. The potato crop lasts all year. The farmer gets good production and production. Demand for organic potatoes is increasing worldwide.