The international pomegranate market is growing. The National Research Center at H. U. GUGLE AGRO BIOTECH and POMEGRANATE has a technical tie-up to use biotechnology in primary plants. Pomegranate varieties such as Bhagawa, Super Saffron, and Solapur Lal are produced.

More about Pomegranate

Bhagwa: –

This variety matures in 180–190 days. The attractive shape, saffron complexion, thick skin make it suitable for distant markets.

The saffron variety is recommended in Maharashtra.

Super Bhagwa: –

Saffron is 15% better than saffron pomegranate.

It is the latest variety developed by Rahuri Agricultural University Maharastra, deep saffron color large fruit suitable for export.

Benefits of tissue culture pomegranate plants: –

1 bacterial blight-free planting material.

2 Guaranteed survival of plants after transplanting in the field ‘.

3 Juvenile Planting Material

4 Similar plants according to the mother plant

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