IFTGB Signs License Agreement with
HU Gugle Biotech For Mass Production
of Clones of Teak.

About US

H.U.Gugle Agro Biotech was founded in 2001 with a vision to offer technology and service for rewarding and improved quality farming. 
Our passion for innovative and scientific strategies for agriculture is making a notable impact in the world of farming today. 
Our mission is to use science and technology to make sure that farmers get a high ROI from their farm produce.

Collective Progress

Our bond with our customers is long-term. We strongly believe in solution-oriented customer service even post-sales. From guiding the farmers for the growth of the fresh and flourishing produce, we would always like to be there to monitor the progress of the product. We believe that only by supporting each other, facing hurdles together, and sharing our innovation with our peers, we can create a strong ecosystem that will thrive in the years to come.



Scientific Approach
To create the perfect product for profitable farming, our R&D team is constantly striving for continuous improvement with the scientific approach.
Quality Assurance
Quality tubers to thorough monitoring of growth, contamination, and the whole operation, we abide by our promise of a high-quality product.
Prompt customer service
Our bond with the customer is long-term. We believe in Solution-oriented customer service even post-sales. From guiding the farmers for better growth of the produce to monitoring the progress of the product, we like to be there, always!



I had purchased and planted 1800 banana plants from H.U.Gugle Agro Biotech and the plants have grown well. The entire harvest will give me a better yield than ever. I am extremely happy and thankful to HUG Agro Biotech’s plants germinated using tissue culture as the end product is very high in quality. The plants are also completely free of any diseases. I look forward to expanding my produce with support from HUG Agro Biotech.

Mehulbhai Rameshbhai Patel
Anklav, Gujarat

Tissue Culture has changed the way people grow plants and HUG Agro Biotech is a leading name in the modern agriculture sector. Their produce is one of the finest quality and reliable, every time. We have a pomegranate farm in Solapur and we sourced HUG’s technologically corrected ‘Superlaal’ variety of Solapur pomegranate. The difference in the product quality and quantity was unbelievable. With the help of tissue culture, HUG has drastically improved the product.

Nitin Jadhav

H. U. Gugle Agro Biotech helped me retain my receding farming occupation. Their unique technologies for farming helped me create healthy and ample fruit produce. I was introduced to the magic of tissue culture for the first time and it was a life-changing discovery for me. I cannot thank HUG enough for their unending efforts towards helping me keep my occupation functional. I feel extremely confident as I can easily approach HUG Agro Biotech if I face any more farming difficulties in the future.

Amit Tilekar