Bamboo is very important in nature for the conservation of biodiversity, soil, and water. The demand for bamboo from all over the world is showing enthusiasm in the farmers of India to cultivate bamboo. HUG Biotech produces bamboo of Bambusa balcoa, Dendrocalamus asper, Dendrocalamus hamilton cultivars.

More about Bamboo

Bambusa Balcoa:
Height is 12–22 m, diameter 6–15 cm.
Habitat: Where it rains 2,500 – 3,000 mm
Uses: for houses, bridges, scaffolding, baskets, agricultural materials, and fishing tools

Dendrocalamus asper:
15–20 m long, and 8–12 cm diameter
Habitat: Areas with an average annual rainfall of 2,400 mm
Uses construction of houses and bridges, containers, or cooking utensils. Boards, furniture, musical instruments, chopsticks, etc.

Dendrocalamus Hamilton:
They are 12 – 25 meters long, 9 – 20 cm in diameter.
The plant is used as food and windmill.

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