H.U.Gugle Agro Biotech was established in 2001 to create rewarding and quality farming. H.U.Gugle Agro Biotech hosts a state-of-the-art laboratory with international facilities.

Let us learn more about this well-equipped laboratory managed by H.U.Gugle Agro Biotech. The laboratory has a special media preparation room, a storage room, a huge laminar room, and 5 growth rooms.  

The lab features hi-tech machinery, making it necessary to maintain the hygiene of the highest standards. For this, the entrance of the lab has a provision to wash your feet. It is compulsory to wear sanitized slippers provided by HUG Agro Biotech. Next, you wear an apron sanitized in the UV cabinet and pass through an air shower before we enter the clean corridor ahead.

Media Preparation Area & Autoclave Room

From the clean corridor, we enter the media storage room which has a double-door autoclave system. The media storage room needs to maintain a temperature of 16-degree Celcius. The media room is also equipped with DBT certified UV lights. In the Laminar room, we have a centralized system to create positive pressure. The laminar are mostly 4-seater and we maintain around 24-degree Celcius room temperature. A class 10000 laminar with pre-installed FI-filter and pre-filter and risers. We have around 28 operators working in our laminar room.

In-Process Quality Control (IPQC)

To make sure that only clean cultures pass to the next cycle, we have trained technicians who inspect every culture for and Fungal or bacterial contamination. This helps in maintaining the quality of the product.

Plant Inoculation Room

The plant inoculation area is the epicenter of any tissue culture activity and the cleanliness level of this area is maintained at Class 10,000 level and is centrally air-conditioned. Fourteen Double Laminar Air Flow Machines are provided and Twenty Eight Technicians can process the plants at a time to meet production requirements in stipulated time.

Growth Room

Growth rooms have a centralized air conditioning system that maintains a temperature of 24-degrees Celcius throughout. Here, Light is provided to the plants for 16 hours, and they are kept in the darkness for 8 hours. The lights used are luminous for better growth results. About 60% humidity is maintained in these rooms. The growth rooms are a class 100000 and as per DBT regulations. We have a special acid tank bottle washing in our lab. We used a mechanized system to wash our bottles.

Greenhouses & shades

We have a polytunnel in our primary hardening section. With the help of the polytunnel, we can maintain 100% humidity. The room is equipped with overhead foggers to maintain room temperature for proper primary hardening. We have two spaces for primary hardening which can hold up to 1000000 plants at a time. For secondary hardening, we have 5 sheds and 2 poly houses with a capacity to hold another 700000 plants. These are also equipped with foggers and spray mists.

HUG Agro Biotech’s laboratory is well equipped with all the modern facilities necessary for tissue culture. Many farmers have been helped with the plants grown in this lab. The quality and life expectancy of the plants at HUG Agro Biotech out-performs a lot of others.