Banana cultivation is considered very beneficial in India. Fruits high in tissue culture are produced. HUG Agro has imported Grand Nan (G-9) bananas developed from tissue culture from Israel. G-9 bananas are extremely high in quality, disease-free, consistently providing the same quality and superior yield.

More about Bananas

G-9 is a high-yielding Cavendish variety.

Tissue culture-grown plants adapt to the current environment, high productivity, long, straight, cylindrical, and long life.

A plant 7.5 to 8.5 feet high and can be harvested in 12 to 13 months.

Can be exported to Asians and European countries because of their own lives.

Benefits of HUG Agro Bio Banana Plants –

1) Plants are disease-free and have high adaptability.

2) The death rate of plants is low.

3) Achieving the full value of the product will result in better profitable farming.

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